Mountains, savannahs, riverine areas:
the Reserve offers a variety of landscapes
The vegetation is incredibly diverse alternating between typical Karroid Shrubveld, populated by Wild Plum and Shepherd’s tree, and dense Great Fish/Sundays Thicket valleys, with Spekboom the primary specie. Riparian Thicket, along the river with its extensive Acacia Karoo and Karee trees gives one an impression of being in the upper-North Bushveld. The density of spekboom, a succulent plant with incredible CO2 capturing characteristics, is particularly impressive, and also provides healthy food reserves and shelter for browsers such as Kudu, Eland and Nyala.
Apart from the low lying areas along the river bed and the flat topped plateaus, the Reserve is mostly mountainous with an altitude varying between 300m and 785m above sea level. The highest points offer breathtaking 360D views of the surroundings and particularly to the South into the valley of the Darlington Dam.
Each ecosystem propose his own
variety of plants, shrubs, trees
Koedoeskop offers a number of different ecosystems, each of them with its own variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. During your walks & hikes, our guide will be pleased to point out some of the rare or endemic plants, specifically the Spekboom (Portulacaria afra), Cape Aloe (Aloe Ferox) and the centuries old Cycads which are dotted across the Reserve, in the most incredible spots!