Daily game-viewing activities are planned, on foot, bikes
or with horses, as well as day & night drives
Walks and hikes, horse-back safaris, mountain biking are all available activities and great means of discovering our exceptionally rich biodiversity. The Reserve has more than 120kms of roads & tracks to take you literally anywhere, from our hidden valleys to the highest plateaus, hilltops, and along the undulating river bed. You will get familiarized with the African wildlife by our bush experts but we can also arrange unguided walks & hikes, as we don’t have any particularly dangerous animals for humans.
We also have archery on site, and, depending on your wishes, we can tailor made stays more specifically designed, for example, around botany, geology or bird viewing. The regulation of specie numbers in our Reserve, where large predators are absent, creates a need for hunting. We reserve hunting to specific days in the year and take off only a limited number of animals, mainly to restore/maintain the ecological balance.
We can also arrange day trips either to the nearby Addo Elephant National Park, where elephants and buffaloes roam in big numbers, as well as lions. Cultural tours to Graaff-Reinet or to other heritage sites in the vicinity are also possible on requests.